Woman Lake is the 5,500 acre main body of water on a chain of lakes. The only Minnesota lake featured in Dick Sternberg’s Fishing Natural Lakes, Woman is an excellent and versatile fishing habitat, known especially for walleyes but supporting 8 species of gamefish. Lake structure includes weed & rice shorelines, rock reefs, sunken islands, sand and grass flats, steep drops and deep holes.



Lots of Crappies

Largemouth Bass

Large Northern

Large Walleye

Ice Fishing Northern


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Anglers come back to Woman Lake year after year, generation after generation. The diversity of its habitat, the natural beauty of its shoreline, and the abundance of its fisheries make this lake a top rated destination for any angler.

Fishing right off the docks at Kee-Nee-Moo-Sha is great fun for kids of all sizes and has surprised more than a few fishermen with large fish.

“Versatility pays when fishing Woman Lake. Though most anglers concentrate on Walleyes, there’s a good chance of catching largemouth and smallmouth bass, northern.” – Dick Sternberg

Structure & Habitat:The extensive and varied structure includes rock reefs, sunken islands, sand and grass flats, steep drop-offs, long channels and deep holes, all are mapped for easy location. Horseshoe island helps orient your angling.

To introduce fishing on Woman Lake to others is a memory that father and daughter, son and mother, will never forget. You owe it to yourself and your family to experience this natural wonder.



Walleyes are best hunted at night, on cloudy days, or when there is chop on the water, due to the exceptional water clarity. The rock bar at Governor’s Point is a favorite spot, as are the flats and the east shore. Opening day on Woman Lake is always very busy!

Trolling for Northern Pike can produce fish all day long and into the night. Channels and the water between points are often good, and cool water is best. Four to six pounders abound, and 15 – 20 pounders are not uncommon.

Largemouth bass is a favorite of those anglers who like to fish in the very early morning and late evening. Surface plugs along the line of rice paddies work consistently well. Lantern Bay, with its thick weeds, lily pads and grass is often a great spot. And don’t leave your flyrod at home…this lake is great for evening fly fishing.

Smallmouth bass can be found on shallow to medium depth rocky reefs when spawning, and in deeper water when not. Natural baits and plastic worms can work well, with fish in the 5-6 pound class. They can also be picked up while trolling the grassy flats.

Most Muskies are taken at the edge of cabbage lines, or off of underwater humps. Early morning and evening are best, and when the weather is hot and humid and the water flat. The largest Muskie of the state was taken in 1987, at over 40 lbs.

Sunfish, Bluegills and jumbo Perch are often easy hunting in weed and cabbage beds, with a bobber or small jig. Middle of the day works well.

In recent years, large Crappies seem to show up anywhere, but you can also find a good “crappie hole” in the bulrushes, bays and cane, and Otter Bay is excellent as soon as the ice is out.

Ice fishing on Woman Lake is also particularly good, with excellent areas right outside your front door. For advice on locations, techniques and resources, check out and get those tip-ups ready!