Guest Comments

From Craig, Kara, Sam & Jack Lewandowski, Rosemont, MN, early-June stay:
“I just wanted to . . . tell you how much fun our family had staying with you this past week-end.  We really enjoyed . . . the peace and tranquility.  We also enjoyed the great pontoon rental around the lake as we could have stayed another couple of days!  We took some great pictures of loons, eagles and caught a mighty big bluegill!  We also saw many deer on the trip into Longville . . . My 3-year old Sam loved your waterslide and game room.  Sam also showed his displeasure when we had to leave!  Thanks for being so helpful as this trip was the best we have had at any resort.  We definitely will stay longer next year! “

From the McDonald family:
“I just wanted to take a minute to thank you. . . the grounds the beach and outdoor areas were kept very nice. . .  we loved the crafts, the movies, the games, and of course . . . the campfire donuts (something my girls tell everyone about).  . . . you are doing a FABULOUS job . . . we sure appreciated everything.”

From the Keenans, Chicago, IL:
"I used to come with my family to small, family-oriented resorts like Kee-Nee-Moo-Sha when I was a child.  My memories are very fond of my childhood resort vacations.  Now I have children of my own and never thought any resort would ever come close to matching my wonderful memories, but Kee-Nee-Moo-Sha did!  We will be enjoying vacations at Kee-Nee-Moo-Sha for many years to come... hopefully even with our grandchildren some day!"

From The Beier Family
"It’s nice to have such a wide variety of fish to pursue. I’ve had the opportunity to fish Spring, Summer and Fall. There’s always plenty of action to keep the kids interested. I caught my first muskie (a 50”) the summer of 2008."

From John Mertz, Illinois
"From a fishing standpoint, Kee-Nee-Moo-Sha is hard to beat. The public launch for the boat is close and easy, the lifts provided are sturdy and work well, and the fact that there is bait sold on-site makes it super convenient. I was on the water the evening I arrived and caught several largemouth bass. Every morning we were out at dawn exploring new areas of this wonderful lake, catching a wide variety of fish consistently each day of my vacation. Fishing for me is more than just a hobby, and Kee-Nee-Moo-Sha on Woman lake delivers in a big way. I can’t wait to come back next year, and maybe even make opening day for Walleye, something I’ve heard is not to be missed on Woman Lake."

From the Torabpours:
“We had so much fun at your resort last week, thanks for everything and pulling our boat out for us. . .I will send you a few pictures of the fish we caught up there, we had some great fishing!”

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